What is NanoGW?

NanoGW is a cloud counterpart of PicoGW, which is a Home Automation and Building Automation devices gateway server, developed by Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Smart House Research Center, released under MIT license. PicoGW converts protocols between device-specific ones and our REST/WebSocket API. Since this is implemented by simple node.js, it works on various unix-based platforms including Linux, MacOS, Windows (using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows), Android (using Termux). With NanoGW, you can connect your PicoGW to our cloud system called NanoGW Cloud, which has the following functionalities: If you want use NanoGW Cloud, you need to first install PicoGW, and NanoGW through npm (NanoGW is not available on public yet), and associate your terminal to NanoGW Cloud by Google password first. Then you can login from the NanoGW top page. Note our cloud is still in experimentary stage. Any changes can be made and we do not take any responsibility related to our cloud.